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What is Maintenence Management Software

Maintenance management software helps keep your maintenance costs low by enabling you to maintain the condition of your facilities and equipment, and prevent any injuries, hazards or other accidents from occurring. You can create and manage work orders and track assets, budgets and current inventory all within the application.

With Maintenance Management software you can profit from

Efficient maintenance processes.
Better understanding to empower decision-making and see results.
Cost control.
A higher availability of your assets.

The job of custom maintenance software for small business/industry is like a master user who would manage maintenance teams and failure tickets generated on software, his job is to assign task to appropriate available maintenance teams, overall look responsible to keep maintenance process smooth and use data analytics to improve asset life and uptime.

Types of maintenance Management
In a software lifetime, type of maintenance may vary based on its nature. It may be just a routine maintenance tasks as some bug discovered by some user or it may be a large event in itself based on maintenance size or nature. Following are some types of maintenance based on their characteristics:
Corrective Maintenance - Corrective maintenance software includes modifications and updations done in order to correct or fix problems, which are either discovered by user or concluded by user error reports.
Adaptive Maintenance - This includes modifications and updations applied to keep the software product up-to date and tuned to the ever changing world of technology and business environment.
Perfective Maintenance - This includes modifications and updates done in order to keep the software usable over long period of time. It includes new features, new user requirements for refining the software and improve its reliability and performance.
Preventive Maintenance - This includes modifications and updations to prevent future problems of the software. It aims to attend problems, which are not significant at this moment but may cause serious issues in future.
Types of Maintenance Management
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